Ft Myers Camera Club

Joe Fitzpatrick

Art Show Image # 

"Golden Galaxy"

Mid-summer is ideal for photographing the Milky Way and the Palouse area of Washington State offers skies unpolluted by the lights of  big cities.  With the help of Palouse area photographer Jack Lien, we located a spot where I could make the image I visualized.  Over the course of several hours we made a series of images as the Milky Way progressed across the sky.  This image was make a bit before 2:00 AM and placed the Milky Way in the position I wanted relative to the barn.  

Photography has been my passion and, at times, my profession, since high school.  In 2006 I relocated from Philadelphia, PA to Fort Myers and, shortly thereafter, joined the staff of Naples based Understand Photography as lead instructor.  I am a Photographic Society of America Certified Judge, president of the state wide Florida Camera Club Council, an officer of the Fort Myers Camera Club, and co-author of “Florida Photo Spots: Naples & Collier County”.  My images have been published in a variety of publications.  Most recently, eight of my images were included in the Audubon of the Western Everglades Annual Report.  I speak at camera clubs and photo conferences, do private mentoring, lead Understand Photography Workshops to Cuba and the Everglades and other Florida destinations, and create instructional video content for the Understand Photography YouTube channel..  My work can be seen at www.joefitzpatrickphoto.com .

Art Show Image #

 "Show Off"

Reddish Egrets are one of my favorite avian subjects because of their antics while fishing.  One June morning, this egret was, undeterred by my presence, busy finding his breakfast at Little Estero Lagoon.  The light was beautiful, the bird co-operative, and I made several images as the bird danced around. This was my favorite.