Kirk Gulledge lives in Fort Myers, but he has spent a number years in New Mexico and Arizona.  Many of his images reflect landscape scenes and life in the Southwest where he likes to return frequently for photographic inspiration.   

Phone:  239-437-1230.   


Art Show Image #

"Sagurao Sunset"

​One of the unique parts of the landscape in Arizona are the giant saguaro cacti, which often reach 35-40 feet high, and may live over 200 years.  They are especially impressive when set against a radiant Arizona sunset.

Kirk Gulledge

Art Show Image #

 "A Fret Off The Old Fiddle"

​here a regular gathering of chuckwagons in Fort Worth, Texas, each year, and you can always find a few fiddlers standing around the chuckwagons while the barbeque and beans are cooking.  In this scene, a younger fiddler is being encouraged by an older master fiddler who is watching to make sure the young feller is playing the right notes

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