Ft Myers Camera Club

Art Show Image #

"Mother and Child"

Orangutans at the Tampa Zoo.  She loved showing me her baby.

20" x 20" metallic paper

Nikon D7500  Tamron 18-400
ISO 800  400mm  f8  1/160 sec

Art Show Image #

 "Lightning At Naples Pier"

Taken at sunset at the lighted pier as the storm rages out in the Gulf

12" x 24" on metal
Nikon D7500  Tamron 18-400
ISO 200  18 mm  f3.5  1/13 sec

Carol Heffernan

I remember getting my first Brownie camera and running around taking photos as a child.  I was always frustrated that my images didn’t look like I saw them in my head.  Over time, I became more serious about photography and, after retiring, was able to devote more time to my passion - studying, practicing, and joining clubs. I’ve met so many interesting people and continue learning from them since moving here.  I enjoy travel, nature, and landscape photography and now am able to explore new photo experiences.