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 "Silo City Reflection"

Silo City is a group of massive grain elevators in Buffalo, NY.  With the opening of the St Lawrence Seaway in 1959, they became obsolete.

Sunrise and calm  wind combine to produce a warm glow and reflection on this piece of Buffalo history.

Nikon D810, 14-24 f2.8 @ 24mm

Image size 16 x 24

Terry spends his summers in northwestern Pennsylvania and winters in southwest Florida.  He has been involved in photography since the mid 60’s.  The advent of the digital camera and digital darkroom has been a big influence on his photography expanding the options of the creative process. Terry enjoys photographing nature, landscapes, architecture, abandoned buildings, and relics that time has passed by.

Art Show Image # 

"Storm Over Dead Horse Point"

Dead Horse Point State Park is located near Moab, UT.

On my third visit in two days to Dead Horse Point, a storm was moving in as the morning sun broke over the horizon touching the top of the Juniper tree.

Nikon D810,, 24-70 f4 @ 27mm

Image size:  16 x 24

Terry D Palmer

Ft Myers Camera Club