Ft Myers Camera Club

Art Show Image # 

 "Red Barn"

This barn has been restored and is part of a small historic park near our home outside Chicago.  It is rare in Chicago to get bright sun after a snowfall so i quickly took the opportunity to get this photo

Art Show Image #

"Lion Enters His Domain"

We were on Safari in Africa when this Lion walked up to our truck.  I got several photos of his face as he walked towards us but when he walked away, I got  this photo. People tell me this photo tells a story.


John Tarsha

John Tarsha lives with his wife, Joan, here in Fort Myers; they spend the summers in Naperville, IL (outside Chicago) and they have two grown sons. John has been taking photos for fun since 1980. His favorite subjects to photograph are travel, historic buildings, birds and sports. John uses Nikon gear. He belongs to camera clubs in Fort Myers and Naperville, Illinois and he has learned a great deal from his fellow club members who make him a better photographer.