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Photographic Society of America

See their new web site. Lots of links and useful information - resources, competitions, conferences and more.
National Association of Photoshop Professionals
This is the place to be if you want to learn Photoshop in depth. You must join to get the full benefit bit they have a monthly magazine and 2 great conferences a year. One is frequently held in Orlando.

Florida Camera Club Council

This is the site for the tri-annual competitions of which Tom Murray is is in charge of for our club. They also sponsor an annual conference which has been announced for March of 2012.


This is the best site for color mangement. Color Munki is an excellent tool for calibrating your screen and printer.


This company produces ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer. These are the best programs for making photographic slide shows.

Thom Hogan

If you are a Nikon user, this site is invaluable. He has a running blog with much useful information. He produces the most extensive and detailed manuals for Nikon cameras. His reviews of Nikon equipment are also excellent.


Another Nikon site unlike the above. Has extensive forums but requires joining the site. You can upgrade if you want to spend the money.

Ken Rockwell

The site is run by Ken Rockwell alone and discusses issues about many cameras and photography.

Tony Kuyper


This site contains information about Luminosity Masks, how you can build your own set of Photoshop actions to create Luminosity masks, or purchase actions

Johnson Photo Imaging
Johnson Photo Imaging is located in Bradenton and has sponsored an annual spring conference which is not scheduled for this year (2011). They do have classes available.

MPIX Printing

A good print web site. They have very rapid turnaround.


Naples Digital Photography Club

Understand Photography
Photography training and tours.

​Meet Up

This is a local meetup group which has many opportunities for photo walks, photo shoots and training sessions. It has over 600 members.


Scott Kelby offers a large selection of training videos. Subscriptions are by the month or annual

For training of all kinds of software including Photoshop, this is an outstanding site. You must pay to participate either on an annual or monthly basis. You can train online or order CDs.


Fashion Photography Tips for Beginners

Photoshop Cafe
Another photoshop training site with many tutorials.

Adobe TV
Many teaching videos about Adobe products

Canon Digital Learning Center
Everything you need to know about Canon products

Creative Live

Good Tutorials
Lots of tutorials for the adventuresome.

Adobe Evangelists
Links to several adobe experts including Julieanne Kost and Russell Brown

Ben Wilmore
Ben is a photographer/Photoshop expert who logs his adventures in his RV in which he lives. Entertaining and useful information at times.

Photography Pointers and Resources for Kids
An excellent staring point for young people. Aging "young people" may even learn something.
13 Lessons to Teach Your Child About Digital Photography
More good tips for children. Includes some of the basic rules of photography. This site is more commercial in nature.

​Tim Grey
Tim Grey writes books, gives conferences and goes on photo tours. He also has a daily email which you can subscribe to which answers many Photoshop questions.

Outdoor Photographer Magazine
I highly recomend this magazine. There web site also has useful features.

Photomatix Pro (HDR)
Photomatix Pro is still the premier HDR program.

Apogee Photo
Strictly an online photography magazine which has articles of interest.

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