Art Show Image #

 "Asking Forgiveness"

Canon 70D  Sigma 24-105

ISO 2400 105 mm f 4.0  1/125

Acrylic Print 

Dave McFarlane

Dave McFarlane moved from North Dakota to Fort Myers Florida in 2011. Although I have been taking photos for the past 50 years, it was not until I retired in 2015 and connected with the Fort Myers camera Club that I began to actually learn the various aspects of artistic photography. I enjoy photographing local area wild life, landscapes and street scenes. Travel photography has become a passion where I try and make local scenes, people and activities come alive through photos capturing the colors and drama in each scene. 

Art Show Image # 

"Jerusalem Rabbis"

Canon 70D  Tamron 16-300

ISO 1600 48mm f 13  1/180

​Acrylic Pring

Ft Myers Camera Club