Ft Myers Camera Club

Art Show Image # 

 "Fish Shack at Sunset"

These historic fish shacks, a vestige of old Florida cling to the shallows near Captiva Island.

Nikon Z7

Nikon 24.-120 f/4 at 120 mm

ISO 800, 1/320, f/14

Image size 14" x 23"

Terry D Palmer

Terry spends his summers in northwestern Pennsylvania and winters in southwest Florida.  He has been involved in photography since the mid 60’s.  The advent of the digital camera and digital darkroom has been a big influence on his photography expanding the options of the creative process. Terry enjoys photographing nature, landscapes, architecture, abandoned buildings, and relics that time has passed by. 




Art Show Image #

"Rehearsal"  -  Sitting in a lonely pool of light, the piano waits silently for a rehearsal that is unlikely to happen.

The Irem Temple in Wilkes-Barre, PA was built in 1907-8 and is considered one of the most significant examples of Moorish Revival architecture in the US.   After sitting unused and essentially abandoned for many years, the Shriners sold the building in 2005 to the Wilkes Barre Chamber of Commerce.



This is a view of a section of the rehearsal area on the second floor.

Nikon Z7

Nikon 14-24 /f2.8 at 20 mm

ISO 640, 0.4 sec., f/11

Image size 18" x 24"​​​​​