Summer 2019 Schedule

Summer 2018 Schedule

Proposed Summer Schedule  2019
Date                               Photo Shoot                            Meeting Place                   Time                                 Sunset

Friday May 3           Punta Rassa Sunset             Light House Restaurant                   4:30 PM             8:01 PM

Friday June 21        Burrowing Owls                         Cape Coral  TBD                           5:00 PM                           8:23 PM       

July No Meeting

August 23                Pine Island Fish Shacks         McCarthy’s on Captive                   4:30 PM                         7:57 PM
                                  and Kayo Costa Island

September 20        Crown Colony Sunset           Crown Colony Country Club           4:30 PM                         7:27 PM

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Fort Myers Camera Club
2018  Summer Schedule
Coordinator – Dave McFarlane

May 18th                   Downtown Fort Myers at night.

Meet for dinner at 5:30 at the Firestone Restaurant. Sunset is at 8:09PM with golden hour starting at 7:37. After dinner we can photograph the harbor sunset then walk over to the Sydney Davis Art Museum to shoot the exterior lighting.

There will be a downtown music fest that evening so will be lots of street performers and neon lights on buildings to provide a fun evening.

Please email by May 15th so I can set up reservations

June 15th                   Photographing Birds in Flight

Meet at 7:00 at the Congregational Church. Our very own Paul McKinney will give us tips on his presentation “Raptors in flight”. All the trick to produce high quality photos of birds flying..

Send your best Downtown Fort Myers at night photos to Dave McFarlane by

June 8th and we will review and comment on what we see at this meeting. 

July 20th                    No Meeting this month

August 17th              Introduction into High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography

Meet at 7:00 at the Congregational Church. Dave McFarlane’s work in progress talk will show how to produce great looking photos where the light range is too extreme to be captured by one shot. Imagine shooting a photo in a dark room with fantastic details on the walls but also wanting to include the bright sunlit outside scene seen through the window. A normal photo would have the outside scene details blown out to show the inside.. or the inside would be very dark and lack detail to show the sunlit outside. The talk will show the tricks I have uncovered thru lessons, seminars and trial and error this past year that will show all how to capture these two extremes and produce a nice looking photo.

Send your best Birds in Flight photos to Dave McFarlane by August 10th and we will review and comment on what we see at this meeting.


September 21st      Landscape Photography at Crown Colony.

The Crown Colony Golf Course in Fort Myers (South on Winkler off Summerlin) is one of the best golf courses in this area and has several opportunities for great open landscape photography.  Sunset is at 7:25 PM Golden Hour is at 6:54 PM.  We will meet at 4:00 PM at the club house, pick up golf carts and ride to previously selected sites that will have the best lighting.  We will be able to use the carts until 6:00 PM. After returning the carts, we will then walk to photo sites that will have golden hour and sunset lighting opportunities and are within walking distances from the club.

We can stop for light snacks and drinks in the club house after we are done.

Please email by September 17,  so I can set up reservations. There may be a minor charge $10 for the use of carts and to keep a staff member after hours. I will let you know.

October 19th           No Meeting this month

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